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Test and Balance Department
Our Test and Balance Department consists of National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) trained technicians.  We have extensive experience in the areas of both air and hydronic systems' testing, adjusting and balancing, as well as sound and vibration measurements on any equipment.

We have recently invested in Evergreen Telemetry products to streamline the process for test and balance.  This new product allows our technician to report real-time measurements of the data readings conducted during a test and balance procedure.  This technology will allow our team to produce better TAB reporting and faster delivery than before.  


Test and Balance
Test and Balance

What is Testing and Balancing?

Testing, adjusting, and balancing are the three major steps used to achieve proper operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. These steps not only ensure that systems operate as designed, but also ensure that systems are working efficiently. With a proper balance, a well designed system can achieve maximum performance. A perfect design and installation is incomplete without a proper systems balance..

What systems should be balanced?

Balancing is used to ensure that HVAC and hydronic systems function per the design intent. So the primary pieces of equipment that needs balancing are air handling units, exhaust systems, chillers, boilers, and pumps. These systems are adjusted using fluid control devices such as flow valves and dampers. These devices are used to control the amount of air being supplied to a space, the amount of air being exhausted, the amount of water used to cool or heat the space, and the amount of outside air being supplied to the space.

CEC  performs work according to the NEBB procedural standards for testing, adjusting, and balancing. Team CEC includes multiple NEBB certified TAB technicians that are supervised by a NEBB professional. Our team's comprehensive experience in systems balancing, commissioning, and installation allow a dynamic approach to troubleshooting issues encountered in the field. We have the tools, the team, and the experience to complete a balance that unlocks a building's full potential.

Why NEBB Balancing?

Established in 1971, the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) is the premier international certification association for firms that deliver high performance building systems. NEBB’s function is to establish, promote and maintain high quality standards through certification of Firms, Professionals and Technicians. We are NEBB certified because we believe NEBB has the most stringent and well developed standards for balancing.

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