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EcoStruxure Building Advisor

Building Analytics - Automated analytics running in the background help the building owner to reduce energy and operating costs, improve reliability and performance, and manage indoor air and environmental quality by encouraging proactive maintenance.

What are the business benefits of building analytics?

By reviewing and analyzing data retrieved from smart building technologies, smart building analytics can help manage a facility’s systems—heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).  In addition, building analytics can help businesses:

  • Benchmark, assess and compare the performance of facilities

  • Intelligently correlate parameters to investigate and explain events and incidents

  • Strike the right balance between performance indicators without sacrificing one for another (e.g., occupant comfort vs. energy efficiency)

  • Perform predictive maintenance to help avoid unexpected equipment failures

  • Use analytics scores to gain quick insights on Building Performance and Building Comfort

  • Introduce new features and functionalities leveraging building analytics

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