Variable Frequency Drives

Control and Equipment Company is the area manufacturing representative for ABB Variable Frequency Drives and Schneider S-Flex.  We can offer the product line with factory start up.  We offer several options on warranties.
Benefits of a VFD:
Reduced Energy Consumption
VFDs allow you to consume less energy than other speed control techniques when load requirements are less than full speed.
Extended Equipment Life and Reduced Maintenance
VFDs gradually ramp the motor up to operating speed to lessen mechanical and electrical stress, reducing maintenance and repair costs, and extending the life of the motor and the driven equipment.
Diminished Energy Spikes Equal Monetary Savings 
VFDs gradual ramp of the motor speed reduce energy spikes that can generate additional costs to you from your electric company.
ABB, Variable Frequency Drive
ABB, Variable Frequency Drive
Schneider Electric
S-Flex, VFD, Square D, Variable Frequency Drive