Helen of Troy Awards DDC Upgrade to CEC

August 16 2017 - El Paso, Texas

Control and Equipment was awarded the controls upgrade for Helen of Troy Limited corporate facility located in El Paso, TX. 

Helen of Troy had been running on the version of Schneider Controls R7 that had become unsupported at the end of December 2015.  After several conversations with Helen of Troy facilities management and support from their executives, the upgrade was approved.

The upgrade will consist of upgrading their HVAC controls system to AX to bring the facility to the latest technological advancements for their HVAC controls.

According to Jason Gill, President of CEC, "The conversations surrounding the need to upgrade them to the latest version supported by Schneider Electric was three years in the making.  Their staff and executives wanted to understand the need and benefit of the upgrade while we wanted to make sure that our customer service would carry them through any setbacks that could surface on an unsupported version.  We are truly appreciative that they considered the benefits and were once again willing to entrust us with their facility."